Amanda Brock: Leading the UK’s organisation for the business of Open Technology

Excerpt from the article in As Pioneer:

Amanda Brock is CEO and Chief Policy Officer of the UK body for Open technology, being open-source software, open hardware and open data, “OpenUK”. Founded in 2018, the not-for-profit, OpenUK, promotes businesses, projects and people, who use and develop Open Technology and strives to collaborate across all existing organisations for Open. She has previously been the Chair of the open-source and Intellectual Property (IP) advisory group of the United Nation’s Technology Innovation Labs; CEO of the Trustable Software engineering project, focused on solutions to risk in open source software; and a member of the Cabinet Office Advisory on open source; General Counsel of Canonical, one of the world’s biggest open-source companies and the commercial sponsor of Ubuntu, setting up the global legal team and running this for five years.