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Open Source Law, Policy & Practice

Written by world leading Open Source and legal experts, this new edition of Open Source Law, Policy and Practice is fully updated with a global focus. The work delivers an in-depth examination of community, legal, and commercial topics relating to Open Source, enabling readers to understand the legal environment and what is required for appropriate Open Source governance and curation in enterprise and public sector by focusing on three main areas; intellectual property rights; the governance of Open Source; and the business and economic impacts.

With contributions from the following world leading experts in the field of Open Source Software, Open Hardware and Open Data:

Keith Bergelt, Ian Walden, Ross Gardler, Stephen Walli, Jilayne Lovejoy, Miriam Ballhausen, McCoy Smith, Pamela Chestek, Malcolm Bain, Mirko Boehm, Knut Blind, Nikolaus Thumm, Amanda Brock, Toby Crick, Kate Stewart, Shane Coughlan, Nithya Ruff, Karen Sandler, Richard Fontana, Andrew Katz, Mark Radcliffe, Iain G. Mitchell KC, Mishi Choudhary, Michael Cheng, Charles-Henri Schulz, Carlo Piana 

Listen to the Book Podcast

For anyone interested in hearing more about the book but feeling tldr, listen to the Podcast hosted by Matt Yonkovit and Amanda Brock, one episode per chapter starting with Nithya Ruff of Amazon, talking Open Source Program Offices.

Book Endorsements

"When I was the Cabinet Minister leading the UK's Open First strategy a decade ago, the UK took leadership in Open Source software, and has continued to do this through Government Digital Services. The unprecedented adoption of Open Source software across the globe has generated a necessary focus on its curation and governance to ensure well maintained, secure Open Source in our private and public sectors. The UK leadership of this book has brought the world's leading experts into a much needed text to support the future success of Open Source."
Lord Maude of Horsham
Former Cabinet Minister, UK Government
"The definitive handbook for anyone studying, working, or simply interested in learning more about Open Source, this volume provides compelling and comprehensive cross-disciplinary analyses, charting the evolution of Open Source from ideological beginnings into the critical public infrastructure the world relies on today. With contributions from the leading thinkers and practitioners in this field, even the most seasoned Open Source professionals will find this volume essential reading and reference material."
Dr Rebecca Rumbul
CEO Rust Foundation

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Pictures from book signings at All Things Open Raleigh and Linux Foundation Tahoe

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