Borderless Cyber, Talk, “Open Source AI”, London

Borderless Cyber Conference
Royal Holloway, University of London

OASIS Open and Royal Holloway, University of London will host a unique conference, focusing on the convergence of the cybersecurity and privacy disciplines and addressing new technologies, research, operationalization realities, risks, and solutions. It will bring together international experts and offers opportunities for networking, good dialogue, and future collaboration.

Anyone from industry, government, or academia responsible for developing, influencing, regulating, and managing security and privacy risks in networked applications – are welcome to join.

Our OpenUK community is entitled to a 25% discount. Use the code ‘BC-Open’ by 30 July. Affordable accommodation is available on campus and nearby in Egham, Windsor and Slough. The Royal Holloway campus is accessible by train from London and only 15 minutes from Heathrow.