12 Oct 23, We need to talk about open source, London

If your company is involved in developing software, then you’re aware of the importance of open-source code. Developers love it! Legal departments fear it! Questions around compliance, governance, and the commercial implications of open source are ubiquitous and multi-faceted.

Enter the era of generative AI, and open models are competing with proprietary heavyweights. But which will win out in the long term? And does unfettered access to such technologies help, or hinder, the drive towards improved safety and equity?

We’re ready to open up on open source at our next Codiphy event.

This time, we’ll be focusing on the commercial aspects of using and offering open-source software, and on the intersection between open source and AI.

Click the Register button to join us at EIP’s London office for two panel sessions with top voices in the industry. We’ll end the evening with good food, good company, and an open (source) cocktail bar.

Amanda Brock, CEO, OpenUK and Sal Kimmich, Technical Director, Gadfly AI; Former Director of Open Source, AI and DevSecOps, Escher Cloud will be talking at this conference.