AI for Good Global Summit, Workshop, Enabling openness in the AI ecosystem: An interactive workshop, Geneva

Enabling openness in the AI ecosystem: An interactive workshop

30 May | Geneva

Amanda Brock, CEO, OpenUK

Melinda Claybaugh, Director of Privacy Policy, Meta

Marie McAuliffe, Head of the Migration Research & Publications Division, International Organization for Migration (IOM)

Recent breakthroughs in AI, and generative AI in particular, have demonstrated what those developing these technologies have long known – they have the potential to help people do incredible things, create a new era of economic and social opportunity, and give individuals, creators, and organizations new ways to express themselves and connect with people. As the global community seeks to address global challenges by building applications that work toward societal benefit, it’s important to consider the role Open Source AI can play in the AI ecosystem. This workshop will consider different perspectives on the benefits and facilitate an interactive discussion surrounding these emerging opportunities. This workshop will include breakout discussions on policy and implementation.